GALAXY coming soon!

First official music video off of APSPDR+ album, Color of Sound

On set with Shamir + Godmode

On set with Shamir + Godmode


"Tangerine" — an early Audio::Visual collaboration.  Sort of an introspective piece on mental barriers and suffocation, often, if not always, created by your own will.

Our masked man was played by the ever-talented, Wes Hager.  Music of course by Katakresis, visuals by Anthony Sylvester and Ant DeRose. GQ on set for the hell of it.  It was a dope shoot!

SUBTUNES has been officially selected to screen as part of the Shorts program at the 2014 Raindance Film Festival in London!

Dope festival, was named one of the 50 best international film festivals by Movie Maker magazine and looks like it has a pretty wild lineup this year.

Check it out if you’re in town Sept 24th to Oct 5th!

uptwn crve

video by Anthony Sylvester
music by MODUS

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SUBTUNES has been selected to screen at the 2014 Coney Island Film Festival in NYC this September!

If you’re in the area, come out — always a great time watching films by the beach, drinking Coney Island Lager.  They usually play The Warriors as the finale… enough said!

Check their website for more info!

Upstate NY, 2014

APSPDR+ Galaxy 
(coming soon to cyberspace…)

APSPDR+ Galaxy

(coming soon to cyberspace…)

Our video for Shamir’s “If It Wasn’t True” (which features a ton of home video footage shot by the man himself) is on rotation on RevoltTV right now.  Special thanks to the folks at the network for showin love!

This summer we’re working on a dvd project with close friend and electronic musician, Lamec.  It’ll be the first official release from our newly formed collaboration, #tripnfall, and will be available for purchase online thru Freshly Dipped Clothing, as well as a few possible storefronts in Harlem.  

Summer’s warmin up, and we’re starting to get weird up here…  look out in mid-late Fall for this one!!

I got the pleasure of knowing and working with Courtship through my brother, and became instantly hooked.  There’s so much texture and originality, it’s pretty easy to lose yourself in their music.  Give it a listen from top down!  Easily one of our favorites…

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Any given Sunday…
Last weekend @ South Philly /// FDR

Any given Sunday…

Last weekend @ South Philly /// FDR

Throwback Thursday!

A quick throwback for any of you who have tuned in post 2012 — this is a video for Harlem’s own Rugz D. Bewler.  He came out with a solid, classic album that year, and asked us to shoot the first video for the title track, By Any Means Necessary.  

Having been a painfully freezing day in January (and what would be the coldest day of the entire year… it was about 9 degrees…) we came out of it with this little Harlem flavored, split-screen flick, that ended up premiering on BET’s 106 and Park.

PHILLYTUNES (coming soon!)

The fourth installment to Audio::Visual’s TUNES series by Katakresis + Anthony Sylvester.


A repost of The Detector - a short film we made just about 3 years ago.  Basically an abstract storyline about a man truly living in his own world (and an excuse for us to shoot some of Manhattan’s and South Bronx’s most beautifully hidden landscapes).

One of the most memorable parts of making this film (except for the quite adventurous weekend spent filming this with the lead and co-writer, Nick Daniele) was applying the sound and score.  

We shot the film without audio, in an effort to avoid dealing with the unending boisterous tones and feedback of NYC.   Khalil Edwards recorded folly afterwards at his studio in Crown Heights, and created a really kickass soundscape.  He helped fill the scenes with life, yet maintained a stylistic sense of quiet and solitude.  Amazingly he’s a sound designer, sound recordist, producer, engineer, and self-sufficient filmmaker all in one. 

Modus, a musician based out of Hungary, then crafted some poignant instrumentals to compliment the visuals and help segway the scenes.  He has an undeniable perception of the uniquely moody New York City landscape, having spent years in the city before returning to Europe.  He’s a genuinely undiscovered, enormous musical talent.  

There will be a few more shorts being made soon!  Be on the lookout…